Hi and W'happen people! Welcome to New Maroons! A small design company founded by designer Kieron Haughton. We design and sell Greeting Cards, Gifts and Instant Downloads to make "yu belly buss" or "laugh" in this case! 

As a designer Kieron always wanted to produce things that can be admired, used or seen by families and their friends. However, he'd like to put a "likkle" twist to celebrate certain occasions! Let's do it Caribbean style!

 For the designs, we take inspiration from life, the "tings" that we get up to and various sayings that we always read and hear, the people we meet and the music we listen to (obviously with a "Tallawah" blend!). 

 For an up and coming company, New Maroons has already been featured on Buzzfeed and various Blogs and websites! We hope to have our designs accessible and available in shops, boutiques and stores really soon. 

 If you like what you see and need your shop to "Tun Up!" the please click here for information on our wholesale!

Tank yu Boss!

Kieron | New Maroons